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When you cut corners on insulation to cut down on price, you raise the cost, plain and simple.  The $500 saved today will cost a homeowner thousands of dollars down the road in higher heating costs.  Insulation is so much more than filler between siding and drywall.  Builders and homeowners need to understand that the right insulation should be as an added value or investment in the home, while the wrong insulation selection will only add future cost to a home.  At Northwind-Insulating Systems LLC, we help people make the right insulation choice every time.   We offer the best solutions for every job, helping to build the most efficient house possible.

There are wet spray insulation companies, foam insulation companies and well, almost everyone will offer Batt insulation.  But one company, Northwind-Insulating Systems LLC, offers only the best insulation products and provides expert installation so you can insulate each part of the home properly combining various insulation types and methods for maximum effectiveness and efficiency when necessary.

West Michigan has more than its fair share of insulation companies - it can be a crowded field!

"Cost and price are two different things!"

Not Your Typical Insulation Company

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Price is what you pay today... Cost is what you pay in the long run.