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How many of you builders out there erect your 2-by-4 walls on 2-foot centers?

Thought so.

​You might be able to get away with it, but 16-inch centers give those same walls a whole lot more integrity.  The structural lumber you install is invisible to your client by the time you're ready for a turnkey inspection.  But a good builder who doesn't scrimp can walk away from a project confident that he did things right.

So why would you cut corners when it comes to insulation?  Here at Northwind Insulating Systems, LLC we think it's just as important to consider insulation as an integral component of the buildings you raise, both for homeowners and businesses.

We consider it our duty to help builders understand both the options now available, and how those choices affect your bottom line.  More and more craftsmen like yourself are realizing the sustaining, long-term benefits that go hand-in-hand with spending a little more up front for a quality insulation job.

Deciding, for instance, to forgo traditional batts in favor of a product like foam, can result in the following payoffs:

     * Lower utility bills

     * Resistance to mold and mildew

     * The need for less expensive heating systems

     * Better sound absorption

     * No need for callbacks

And that's not all.  Some homeowners who opt for a better insulating product can actually qualify for a heftier mortgage.  And a client with more money to spend is a client who mighgt look to you for upgrades they otherwise might not have considered:  Cathedral ceilings, high-end countertops, custom cabinetry, and lots more.  Bottom line?  An increase in your net.

Please contact us for details.  We've got other strategies we'd like to show you that will put better products in your building, and more money in your pocket.

Remember the Good Old Days?

Back When...

  • ​Your insulators showed up on time, on the day they were scheduled.. and didn't come up with excuses instead?
  • You didn't have to follow up and inspect the insulator's workmanship.. or call them back to the site (while at the same time backing off your drywall schedule)?
  • The crew came to your site in uniform - not in body art and metal accessories?
  • Your building site was cleaner after the crew left than before?
  • The crew worked late to keep your project on schedule?
  • The crew spoke English.
  • Your blueprint was figured and your quote generated in less than 2 days?
  • Your phone call was returned in minutes.. not hours or days?

Those days are back!

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