"We received our first real heat bill for our new building (22,000 sf factory building).  It was from 12/8/17 through 1/10/18, so it covered that really cold stretch we had.  The building was kept at 65 degrees for most of this period.  The total was only $711.00!!  I can't believe how well it did!  We are thrilled with this number, especially for how cold and windy it was during this period of time."

-- Kerri Burns

Davon Mfg. Co., Inc.

"Steve Grimm is one of the most enthusiastic and conscientious providers I've ever worked with.  His crews will stay late or work Saturdays to get the job done.  If I'm having board delivered the next day, the insulation will be completed the day before, and with no excuses.  If they have to rent a truck because one breaks down, then they'll rent a truck.  To me, that's going the extra mile."  DeKoning calls Grimm "the consummate professional," adding that "I enjoy being partners with his company."

-- Jeff DeKoning, Owner/Partner

Eaglecrest Homes Inc.


"We greatly appreciated your prompt and professional service at our new home!  We're thankful for your business integrity and will be glad to recommend Northwind Insulating LLC to family, friends, and co-workers."

--Dan & Carri Smolen

Ada, MI 

"Northwind Insulating Systems always makes us proud of the work we do.  Always great knowing that they're doing what it takes to get the job done.  Thanks for always giving us your best work, whatever it takes."

-- Jeremy vanEyk 

Cottage Home

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